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Still alive!

I'm still alive but incredibly neglectful of this space. I think I even forgot the ten year anniversary of justlisa.com. Oops.

Texoma (hate that word!) finally got rain this morning. About 4" in most places near me I think. I've never been in a place so dry. Earlier this month I drove to Iowa and picked up my mom and Christopher to bring them back down for a visit. On the way up there, Kansas seemed to be burning up with fires burning along both sides all the way along the turnpike. On the way back here, it was Oklahoma burning to the point that we ended up stuck in OKC for over an hour at a complete standstill because of wildfires along the road. While they were here, fires raged all around it seemed so Christopher did not get to go turkey hunting as he had hoped.

I think they had a really good time. Christopher got to fly the simulator and actually landed. That was pretty impressive. My mom was impressed with how nice everyone was. I've had several pilots ask how my mom is doing which is terribly sweet considering they met her for a couple of minutes at most. I do love the people I work with.

Lately I've been extremely agitated over stupid things. Right now I believe I could go off the deep end over the media hype surrounding swine flu. Yes, it's a big deal and yes, we need to be aware BUT, let's not forget the regular flu kills tens of thousands in the US every year. Texas has cancelled all high school athletics and several school districts have closed. I will keep taking Vitamin C and washing my hands a lot. I guess I don't get too freaked out over things that can kill me.

Another source of contention is the media coverage and analysis of Obama's first 100 days. I love the Obamas but I'm so sick of hearing about them. To my friends who love to bitch about him I want to say "Shut up, quit your bitching, and get to work on a plan for your party in four years." Geesh.

Today is Eva's one year wedding anniversary. She and her hubby are expecting a baby any day now. Her due date is May 8th so I'm betting the baby will be here May 9th. She's famously late for everything...

Last week I sprained my ankle and am supposed to be wearing one of those orthopedic boots. I wear it some but not at work. I probably should since I walk the most at work but it's heavy and makes my hip and back hurt. I don't want to trade one injury for two more. My friends give me grief for not listening to the doctor but the pain isn't so much in my ankle but more along the outside of my fibula. Also, it's not so much pain as it is just a weird sensation and some weakness in my foot. Anyway, I've convinced myself that I just need to walk it out.

I'm really missing Spring in Iowa. Texas doesn't have such marked changes in season. Spring on the walking trail at home is so beautiful. I also find myself missing friends and family a little more all the time. I'm excited for a summer here though. I found out the other day that my new town shows movies in the park on Saturday night. I guess people bring lawn chairs or blankets and watch outside. I seriously let out a squeal over that! Horton Hears a Who is one of the first movies in June and I cannot wait! I'm also excited about the upcoming "Queens Birthday" celebration put on by the Dutch students and instructors. Being surrounded by different cultures works well to counteract homesickness.