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I almost never sleep anymore and it's starting to have a deep impact on my well-being. I lay down in the quiet and start thinking about the kids and how much I miss them, then I catalog all the things that have annoyed me and so forth. When a person gets tired, almost everything is annoying.

My mom had to put her dog to sleep so I bought her a little mini schnauzer to take back to her next time I go home. His name is Wally and he loves to help me sleep. I believe he thinks if he lays on my face, I will sleep better. I was supposed to take him to her this weekend but decided not to go since I'm not alert enough to drive that far.

Eva had her baby. A boy named Caden Rush finally got here on the 14th. She is loving motherhood and I can't wait to get over there to meet the big boy.

Did you read the news story about the suicide jumper in China? He was threatening to jump and a bystander pushed him. He landed on a air cushion and didn't die so it's kind of a silly story.

Have a safe holiday weekend and enjoy your time off if you get it.

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so nice to catch up a bit - *waves to Lisa* Congrats to Eva and the new baby. Yay! for new life.

take care of yourself - TRY to get some rest (I know - the more you tell yourself to go to sleep already - the longer you canNOT sleep)

hugs from alaska.