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November 16, 2003

New Beginnings

Todd had to make a choice between his family and his job. His family won; he gave his two week notice two weeks ago.

With the economy being what it is, it doesn't look like he will go from one job to another. We stand to lose everything we've worked so hard for but material possessions truly mean nothing at the end of the day. Nonetheless, it's incredibly scary.

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November 17, 2003

Now that's interesting...

Something/someone has gone amuck within I was having such a happy Monday morning, too.

The bright side... whatever it is, I'm not the one who has to fix it.

November 19, 2003

Bare Butts on CBS???

Okay, not totally bare but close enough. We're watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show. How funny. Winged girls in underwear and high heels. Do men really like this crap?? Todd doesn't. He left the room to help C. make a log cabin out of rolled up construction paper. I think it was the wings that overwhelmed him. Seriously, men don't like this, do they?

November 20, 2003

I want a smoke!!

After all these months (and it's been a lot of months) I want a smoke sooo bad. The cravings usually pass but this one has hung on all day. Don't worry, I will not smoke. Instead I'll be bitch. ha!

November 21, 2003

Is your refrigerator running?

Better go catch it!

I wonder if kids still use that for prank calls. Earlier this morning I was cursing the major appliances in this house and happened to remember that old gag.

Our fridge has had a mind of it's own for quite some time. Some days it's warm, other days it freezes everything on the top shelf. A month or so ago the dryer was stricken with the same ailment. Sometimes I reach in to the get the clothes and they are cold and wet. Other times I reach in and it's so hot it literally burns.

The latest casualty appears to be the oven. We used it last night and shut it off. This morning when I was standing in the kitchen I heard the unmistakable "swoosh" of the oven igniting. The knob clearly said off yet the oven had indeed lit. I fiddled with the knob and got it shut off finally.

Every day I ask myself - is this the low point? As bad as it's going to get? Rock bottom? Will today be the day our bad fortune turns to good??

November 22, 2003

Miss Emily

She comes in the door this morning and says to me "You changed your website!!!" and my first reaction was "Yeah. Did that last weekend" and my second was "Where did you look at my website from???!!!" Guess I'd better really watch my mouth and more importantly, my attitude. If she's reading from school then I'm sure other little beings are as well. To borrow from my favorite Kitty... poop.

Oh the drama!

The boys were stalking each other through the house with pretend machine guns when they met face to face in the laundry room. They both fired at least a hundred rounds then the real fight broke out. Who killed who?? I gave them *the look* and they decided they both died at the same time and fell to the floor.

Seeing as how there is never enough drama in this house, I began to scream "My boys!! Oh no! My boys!!!" Ben rolled up on his side, opened one eye and asked "What??" I said "Oh, I can't stand it! Both my boys are dead! I have no sons now!!" He said "Uh, it's only pretend."

By all means, carry on then....

November 24, 2003

It's gonna be a lovely day

Both of my car doors were froze shut this morning. In a totally unrelated Monday morning fit, if I see one more thing about Michael Jackson this morning, I'm going to throw something.

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November 25, 2003


Click the images for larger versions.

We can never get a picture that accurately portrays the size of Dozer so tonight Todd held him and finally, you can all see how massive this dog is. Unfortunately, you can also see how stubby his poor little legs are.

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