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February 7, 2004

Time for the yearly confession

I'm a redneck at heart. It's NASCAR season and I couldn't be happier. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


YES!! DJ won!

How did I make it through last NASCAR season without smoking???

February 11, 2004

Ever seen a cat beg?

Ever seen a cat line up beside a dog and beg for cheese? Now you can. We have the weirdest animals.

February 12, 2004

New Shoes

It's a wonder I haven't broken something when I do my tae bo workouts. My cross trainer shoes are at least 8 years old so the bottoms are shot. Not really that worn out but the rubber has hardened and they are slicker than snot. If you've ever done tae bo, you know it's a good idea to have traction - particularly on carpet.

Anyway, we don't have any place near here to buy shoes so I've been looking around the web. So dang expensive! Today we took a little road trip to Winterset so I could take photos for a website. They have a huge Pamida and we had 20 minutes in the schedule before we needed to head back home. Dashed in there and found some shoes. Feels like I have new feet. I just did tae bo and made it further than I ever have. I had to learn a new way of balancing but I wasn't working extra hard not to fall down for a change. Another bonus, they are as heavy as concrete blocks. Excellent for the legs.

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Can't get this out of my head

The little girl in Utah that was drug over three miles when her coat sleeve stuck in her aunts car door. I can't stop thinking about how easily that could happen.

When I drop C. at school in the morning I see a lot of parents zipping away as soon as their child shuts the vehicle door. I know it's a clusterfsck there in the morning but I always wait until C. is up on the sidewalk before I leave. If someone has to wait a bit behind me, so be it. I just can't imagine what the aunt must be feeling. ugh.

February 13, 2004

So Quiet

It's creepy starting work this early in the morning. Too quiet and way too dark. I think my brain works better when the birds are singing and the cat and dog are running through the house.

That's more like it

From the bathroom: "Moooommmm!!!! My shirt is stuck!!!!" (sounds more like an elephant has fallen in the tub)

I go in and there is my WONDERFUL son, trying to put his school shirt on over his pajamas. I carefully point out that it is usually more efficient if a person takes off the pajamas first, then gets dressed. What happened next is a 2 minute blur of very loud voices, a large dog trying desperately to become invisible if only for a minute, and much stomping by the boy stuck in pajamas.

I am not sure what I said as I do not deal well with grouchy people. I know I used my mean mother voice and made the announcement that it was time to get out the trumpet. Ah, the sweet sound of angry trumpet playing in the morning. He may or may not still be stuck in his pajamas.

February 14, 2004


After supper I grabbed one of the many cookbooks to browse for a fun snack that Emily could make tomorrow. As I was skimming the index, the words jumped out at me - COD FISH BALLS. Before rational thought kicked in, I heard myself say outloud "Cod fish balls???!!!"

Emily immediately burst into a fit of laughter and would not stop. Just the way she laughs always makes me lose it so we had a five minute gigglefest over cod fish balls. I just hope to God she wasn't thinking the same thing I was thinking.

February 15, 2004

New baby!

Congrats to the Moose family!

Looking at the new little man over at Moosies reminds me of when C. was born. He was so little that we had to pack blankets around him in the car seat in order for the belts to fit correctly. Preemie diapers fell right off of him and they didnt make socks small enough for his feet. He didn't have a butt crack because his butt cheeks hadn't had a chance to fill in yet. It's amazing to look at this stocky kid 'o mine and remember when he weighed the same as a bag of flour.

Hey!! Phoneys and NASCAR don't mix

How nice is it for Bush to use the Daytona 500 as a chance to grab a vote? Blech.

Let's just race, k?

February 17, 2004

This is why they fire

Remember when I posted this about family members of a police shooting victim not being able to believe that the police fired back on the suspect?

This is why they fire back if they can.

Did I ever know how to dance?

This morning I decided to try out a workout tape I'd borrowed from a friend; specifically the cross training section. There was a section where I was supposed to step out to the side, feet back together, out to the side, back together, then a quick ball change. I could do it at demonstration speed but when they kicked it up to real speed, I was lost. Then they threw in some arm movements and I seriously almost fell on my face. When did I become a klutz? Tonight I did Tae Bo for abs. Each time I can go a little farther. Yay me!

Tonight's aggravation: Todd actually suggested we stay up late and watch Letterman. I was so excited because I love to stay up without kids. Great idea but about 30 minutes ago, we lost CBS. First the audio then the video. GRRRRR

February 19, 2004

I'll be checking out early for sure

There is a heart doctor on the CBS Early Show. He just informed me that my chronic worry and anxiety (and most assuredly my anger) is bad for my heart.

And this disturbing video from Todd. From past experiences working on the fire dept/rescue unit, I've seen the aftermath of partial ejection. Ick. It's interesting to see the mechanisms in real time.

Have a great day and for crying out loud, buckle that seatbelt.

February 22, 2004


Ralph Nader is running for president. Time to go back to bed. Wake me in five years.

Ever heard of this book?

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren? I picked it up at B&N yesterday. It's a 40 day spiritual journey designed to clue you in as to what God's plan is for you.

The website is at www.purposedrivenlife.com and of course the book is half the price at the website as it was at B&N. Guess part of my purpose is to spend too much money. hahahaha

February 23, 2004

Stop looking back!

Random Monday morning brain dump:

Couldn't sleep last night for a whole new batch of reasons. I need a switch installed on my brain so I can just shut it off. I have buyers remorse on my tires. Thinking winter is about over so maybe I could have/should have put it off until fall.

I have to reconfigure a router at work this morning and come up with a plan for moving some sites around. That's always stimulating thinking material at 3AM.

Ralph Nader is going to keep me awake from now until November.

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Funny billboard

This was funnier when it said "Loosest Slots in Iowa" but I never had my camera then. Still, it's chuckle worthy I think - especially at 70mph.


Finally he's a big scout

Tonight was C's official crossing the bridge from Webelos (Cub Scouts) into Boy Scouts. The banquet lasted from 6PM until just a bit ago. Neither Todd nor I feel very good today. Todd seems worse off but I am thorougly convinced that's just the difference between a man and a woman. Women get sick and trudge on. Me, being the big meanie that I am, just told him to go to bed. He was sitting on the couch beside me moaning and shivering. That drives me crazy. If you're that sick, go to bed already!

February 26, 2004

Icky Week

I have no idea how much money we have in our accounts. The laptop knows and it's not saying. A couple of nights ago it went up in smoke. Literally. Nothing like the smell of a motherboard melting down. I used to back it up across the network but the network is wonky and I've not had time to fix it.

Say a prayer or think a little thought for Miss Emily. She is at the dentist right now getting a front tooth pulled and a couple of caps installed.

February 27, 2004

We have a drug problem

Todd's nephew has just been suspended from his Des Moines junior high school for drug use. No one even recognized the signs that trouble was looming. All we can do now is hope that his three day vacation from his peers will help rehabilitate his sorry butt.

Oh, his drug of choice...

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