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August 7, 2006

Twenty years ago yesterday I married for the first time. I was only 19 years old and thought I knew what I was doing. I was going to be the best stepmother ever to two wonderful little girls and, with my grandmother-in-laws help, I was going to be the best little housewife I could possibly be. She did teach me so many valuable lessons such as how to make the perfect pie crust, the many uses for baking soda, and how to overlook a whooooole lot of problems for the sake of everlasting love. There were obviously some things I just couldn't overlook.

I saw the ex twice yesterday which was quite odd considering we rarely cross paths. When I do see him, I generally refer to him as "the man who taught me how to get divorced". I have to make a joke of it you see or else I'll waste time beating myself up for how big I can fail at things.

So yesterday I felt old as my mind kept reflecting over the past twenty years of my adult life and the choices I've made. Most of them have been good I think. Not many regrets but I think I'm not cutting nearly as wide of a swath through life as I could. I walked through the living room yesterday with a load of folded clothes in my arms and had an epiphany. Todd was watching NASCAR and there was a promo on that showed drivers in victory lane and the music and the celebration. It got me thinking about the music in my life. Have I ever had a rock and roll moment where my happiness and success could be set to some awesome song and replayed years later to recapture some of the glory? No. Not even if I swept up all my past happiness and tossed in the air at once. There's not enough to justify confetti and fireworks and music.

I think in the second half of my life, I should widen the net and look for opportunities to shine big. Not right now though. I have a kitchen to clean and a living room to vacuum before work. Hold the champagne and the fireworks until we see if I can do it without waking up the teenager.

August 20, 2006


I've been on vacation this past week but really only Sunday thru Tuesday counts in my book. I recapped it on another site and have copied and pasted that into the extended entry if you care to read the gory details. We came home midweek and I spent the remainder of the week cleaning and shampooing carpets and doing laundry and fun stuff like that.

We took the boat out in the drizzly rain yesterday and ended up breaking the transom saver (motor support) on the way home. I really think we are destined to have rotten vacations. Out of six summers together now, we've had one good vacation. The rest have been plagued with bad weather, thieves stealing parts off the car, sick or injured people or other lovely things.

I had hoped to get some sleep but I actually got even less than normal. Bad karma or something. School starts this week for our real kids and the adopteds are all scattering off to college. That makes me sad. Also, I turned the possum loose in the woods this afternoon. I almost cried. Stupid biting thing. I've had it for four months and have grown quite fond of it. I kept going back to it and petting it's little head a couple more times. Possums don't like to be petted. Not even hand raised ones. He'd curl up and hiss and foam at the mouth and show his teeth. Thank God he has those natural instincts so he can survive without me to feed him and protect him. Stupid biting thing. I miss him already.

Vacation recap below....

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August 28, 2006

A Revelation

It's a dismal, rainy day here so I was met with static on the radio when I started the car at 6:50AM. I hit the seek button and pointed the Buick towards the school. There was some conversation between the boy and myself about how the belt from his football pants was wet because he left it on the porch in the rain. Water does have a tendency to make things wet. So we get that crisis solved and I let him out, give him the usual "Love you buddy. Have a good day." and point the Buick back towards home. In the peaceful ride home (the only peace I'll have until same time tomorrow) I realize that I'm listening to the farmers report on a little Missouri radio station. And I'm too tired to change it. I think this is how old people begin to listen to crappy radio stations that play golden oldies. They just get too damn tired to change the station.

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