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March 4, 2007

New Music

I've been listening to more independent music lately since "our kid" (joshua) has a band and are looking to get started in the business. Today I have been listening to Metalcore Bands at Some of them are pretty good but I'd rather listen to rock or rap. You can browse through unknown/unsigned artists of all genres. There is even a christian rock group from Iowa with a page there. I didn't realize how much work goes into started until Josh and his friends began getting serious about putting out a demo. If you have a moment and want to hear something new, go to and help out a new band by hearing their stuff and passing it along.

April 15, 2007

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart played at Wells Fargo in Des Moines last night and I had really been hoping there were surprise tickets in store. There weren't. I may have been within a few feet of him yesterday though. We made a quick trip up to Des Moines after lunch and this huge new bus pulling a toy hauler type trailer passed us. Had the windows all tinted so couldn't see inside. I told Todd maybe that was him hurrying from a Kansas City show to his Iowa show. It had to slow for road construction so we ended up tucked right behind it for about an hour.

Checked online this morning and he did play Kemper in Kansas City on my birthday so I'm willing to bet it was at least part of his band. The reviews for his show are very good and I'm sorry I missed it.

I missed Rod but I did have a mini concert

We got home late last night and I was sick (damn the shrimp at Chili's) so I ran straight in to flop it down on the couch. Todd listened to the answering machine and told me I had to come and listen to something. Now, I'm sentimental and save answering machine messages so had to do a bit of fast forwarding through the old stuff (like Cal's beautiful British accent). I was directing him to skip that, that one too, skip, that's old, skip it, etc when I hear my favorite Moose. I said "Skip." since I thought I'd saved a previous message from Alaska. Todd says "No, this is it. ssshhhh." and shure 'nuff, it was new Moosie message.... and she sang! For me!

I've said it here before and I'll say it again, I have the BEST friends. Betcha not many people get singing birthday greetings from Alaska, do they?

May 17, 2007

How much Justin Timberlake can a person take?

Today must have been JT day on the radio or something. He drives me crazy, in particular that song that makes all the weird noises. My Love? UGH! I do love the song with him and Nelly Furtado. She makes him tolerable sort of like vinegar makes spinach edible... or so I've been told.

My favorite flavor of the year, John Mayer, is going to be in Des Moines in June. I think Todd might actually consider sitting through his show. Too bad all of our money is tied up in the vacation. Well, no, it's not too bad. I am getting soooo excited!

June 9, 2007

Don't stand so close to me

You know how certain songs can trigger a memory from way back? A song that you haven't heard for years yet you remember all the lyrics? As you sing along the memory comes into focus and even though you haven't thought of it for so long, it's suddenly as clear as if it had happened yesterday?

That's how it is for me with "Everything She Does Is Magic" by The Police. It was the perfect song for windows down, driving too fast in a hot car on a cool summer night. That's exactly what I was doing on a summer night in 1981 with my cousin and his friends in the big city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I remember the song, the people, the Trans Am and coming down a big hill on a four lane road with little traffic at the late hour and having to stop at a red light. The building tempo of the song lent itself more to blowing right through the red light but my cousin was a responsible young driver. Actually, it was probably more the thought of damaging the cool car that made him stop.

I've briefly read over articles about a reunion but I am very excited over the release of a new police cd. I've been on a kick of buying new releases of music from my past so I can put them on the iPod and feel young again when I run.

I love everything by the Police with one exception; I do not like the song "Roxanne". I believe I don't because so other many people do and therefore my rebellious nature doesn't allow me to even listen. There's really no mistaking when any Police song comes on because of the unique voice of Sting and the overall sound of a little bit of reggae and a big dash of punk that makes them so fabulous. Did you know Sting was a school teacher and that is why the lyrics are so well written? I am curious if the new police cd has a booklet of these facts.

Win a New York fly-away to see The Police live.

(If I win, I'm going to visit a little pug named Boris and his parents.)

August 12, 2007

The Nadas!

We drove up to the Iowa State Fair tonight just to see The Nadas. They are so awesome. It was 98 degrees when we got there and hardly a breeze with all the people but it was so worth it. Van Halen is the only other band in the world who could get me to stand around in those conditions. This is the second time I've seen The Nadas when it's been pushing 100 degrees. If all goes well, I will see them at least four more times before this year is out. Someday they're going to make it big and I want to see them all I can before their ticket prices are $50!

My favorite Nadas song right now... click the play button and TURN IT UP!

August 14, 2007

Who Zu?

Who is/was ZuZu Petals? I was reading this article about a woman who lead the pop trio ZuZu Petals and her new book that chronicles this time in her life. I like to think I know a lot about music but I have never heard of them before. Maybe I'll look them up on youtube or itunes...

February 7, 2008

Van Halen

The last big venue concert I went to was John Mellencamp in 1990. The dry spell ended last night when Todd, Christopher, Eva's mom and I went to Van Halen at "The Well" in Des Moines. The whole thing seemed in jeopardy due to a massive snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow yesterday morning. The snow plows heard my pleas and cleared the way in time. We were to meet Eva's mom on the south side but she called from the far north side to say she couldn't get her car out. Once again it seemed in jeopardy as we were already running late and now had to go an extra 40 minutes to get her and back to the arena. Parking was a nightmare so we walked about a mile. I should say waded about a mile as most sidewalks still had snow.

We got up to the turnstiles and the lady said "Take your ticket to the line. They are moving everyone." Apparently due to the snow (southeastern Iowa was still completely snowed in) and it being a week night, they had a lot of empty seats so they were bumping people down. For us this meant going from the 300 level (nosebleed seats) to the 100 level, 24 rows up from the floor. Christopher and Michelle were even luckier and got their tickets exchanged for the 16th row. We missed all but two songs of Ky-mani Marley, Bob Marley's son and to be honest, I couldn't even tell you what they were.

Between the opening act and the main event, there was about 35 minutes time for me to call some friends and share my excitement. One friend, who was supposed to be there with me, insisted I call him back when they took the stage. He saw them in Minnesota and assured me the first song would be "Girl, You Really Got Me" and he was right. From that moment on all I could think was "Omigod Eddie Van Halen is really the hottest man on the planet.", "Holy shit, Diamond Dave is cheesey!!" and "Aren't we all too old to stand through an entire concert?" The answer to that question is no. Everyone stayed on their feet the entire show.

My age really showed as I did more people watching than concert watching. In 1990, I don't think I took my eyes off John Mellencamp. In 2008, with my biggest rock idol EVER right in front of me, I took note of the obligatory drunk guy in front of me, a guy who had on a shirt that said I LOVE TITTIES!!!!, the girl beside me who was getting her rock on and frightening me a little as she outweighed me by at least 150 pounds, and all the other people bobbing their heads to the music. I wished I could have seen Christopher. He has grown up with my intense love for all things Eddie Van Halen and couldn't wait for the Eruption solo. It was well worth his wait. People can say what they want about who is the greatest guitar God but no one can pull heaven out of a guitar string like Eddie can. And did I mention he is still hot?? He and McCheesey both are still sporting abs of steel and nice tans.

After it was over and we found the rest of our crew, Christopher filled me in on what a crackhead Michelle was. I think she had the best time of all of us and she deserved it. She's lucky and has the day off today. I gotta get going and put in a day with remnants of "Dance the Night Away" still going through my head.

May 18, 2008

Wow, lots of water under the bridge

Quick catch up post. A week after I got the new car, I went to Texas to visit Eva. I was instructed that she could not hug while in her uniform on base but the minute we saw each other, that rule went out the window. Lots of happy tears. It was so great to see her. She has an awesome man in her life who loves her the way she deserves. I love being on an Air Force base. Not a more bunch of people to be found that I know of. I left Texas feeling like the world might not be such a bad place after all.

Barack Obama continues his march to the top without stooping low and that also gives me hope. I think big changes are coming and they will be good. Change is very scary but taking a leap of faith and having it work out is worth it.

Mother's Day weekend I took my mom on her first Amtrak trip. It was a very short one as I wasn't sure she'd like it. She loved it so more train travel is in the future. Next month she is having knee surgery and we all hope it will restore her ability to get around like she used to. The train ride was nice but the getting off the train and walking up the platform to the depot was about too much for her and she's spent several days trying to get her feet under her again.

When the train stopped, the step down was enormous and the asphalt rounded off towards the tracks. No train employees came to help us disembark so I jumped down and had another person hand me the stool they use. That alleviated some of the giant step down but there was still a large gap across. Mom is afraid to trust her legs to hold her so she was getting the courage to take the step when this huge man came down behind her and wanted off to smoke. He had a bad knee too and was being so pushy. She told him if he'd just bear with her, she'd get her courage and make the step. The asshole started yelling at me to push the stool closer to the train. I kept telling him that I could not because of the way the asphalt sloped to the track. If I pushed it closer, it would slide down under the train. Another gentleman who had gotten off another car to smoke came down and helped me get mom off so I started to walk off with her and huge obnoxious guy said "HEY!! I need help getting off here too!!!" I almost whirled around and said "Fall off, you ....." but I bit my tongue and went back to help him. He grabbed my shoulder and my upper arm and used me like a rail to swing himself down and out. Didn't even say thank you! The next day my shoulder and elbow hurt and I wished I'd gone ahead and said "Fall off, you...."

Christopher had his first encounter with a rude person at work the other night. They had lots of ice cream orders to do and she gave hers. He told her it would be a few minutes and she said "Oh no, I think you will do mine now." He told her he couldn't and if she'd have a seat, he'd bring it to her. She repeated that he would do hers that instant. This would be where I lost my cool. Fortunately the kid has his dad's sense of grin big and bear it. They literally have the exact same gritted teeth grin when they are holding it together. Anyway, she kept arguing and he told her it had to go in the order received to be fair to all customers. She said to just tear up her order then. Some people... Really, what kind of person goes into a business and demands service ahead of others?? Someone who does NOT want to meet me, I can tell ya that.

Summer is here! Actually wore shorts yesterday and have mowed the yard four times now. Y'all know I love snow but after last winter, the sunshine and heat are most welcome.

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