As a bonus for working our tails off on this big project, the boss says we all get to go for a lobster dinner. I'm thinking "well that's all well and good but what about me??" See, the majority of the team is in Boston and then there's me, stuck in the middle of Iowa. So what's he do? He has a lobster dinner for two hauled in via Fed Ex. This is the box that they delivered. I carried it into my office and when I sat it down, it moved. Time to call Todd to come and get it. New Rule: No stinky boxes that move are allowed in my office.
Inside the box is this card thanking me for my work.
Ah.. shiny gold canister that surely contains lobster...
Todd is responsible for all things pertaining to live lobsters. I was not going to pick up a canister that rattled and thumped!