September 08, 2002

Today, Lisa decided to do something that she’s talked about doing for a long time. No, she’s not getting rid of all my stuff. Just some of it. She thinks that I have too many pairs of jeans that I don’t wear. True, I have a few that don’t fit anymore so off to eBay they go. Something like 12 pairs. All of which are in very good shape.

We have talked about this for quite some time but never got motivated enough or found the time to actually do it. It was either that or a garage sale which doesn’t really appeal to me all that much. Besides, eBay is fun and if your going to be sitting here anyway you might as well make some money while your doing it. Plus, it gets rid of some stuff that someone can use and we can certainly use the space it will free up.

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In related news, Nike's new slogan for Tiger Woods is Just do me.

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As an incriminate in of the thunder-shower's oppressiveness, Minneapolis-St. Paul Universal Airport -- a transit pivot with expertise in contending with venal rise above -- was shut down for the maiden point in years.

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